Increase your Sales Using SMS-Marketing

In today’s information society, advertisement through digital media is one big leap ahead of the analogue counterpart. We spend the majority of our time on the mobile phone, tablet or computer. As an entrepreneur, it is incredibly important to adjust to the digital environment if you want to keep up with the continuously changing playing field, or you’ll get overrun by your rivals faster than greased lightning.

The first and most important step is to identify your target audience and find out where they are located. Then, you’ll have to figure out which channel you need to use to reach them.

If the channel you have chosen is SMS, there are a few things we need to talk about. Follow this link to find our tips and tricks to make your SMS-campaign successful.

Have a look at our newly published video about Link-SMS if you would like to know more about how we can help you get started with your SMS-campaign.

Enjoy the weekend, so you can start planning on Monday! ūüôā


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Payment Request service

Since the launch of our service Payment Request, the demand rate has been high. We have added popular payment services like PayPal, Debitech, Dibs, Payson, Swish among others to meet the needs of our customers and so far, it has been a great success.

After the launch of Swish for E-commerce last year, the service gained so much attention that it crashed. Swish recently fixed all their technical issues, so the service is back on track! Payment through Swish is a part of our service called Payment Request.

We provide you with several different tools for payment requests, for example via API and web shop.

Have a look at our website to find out more after you have seen the movie about Payment Requests!

Enjoy the weekend!


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Meet us in Stockholm!

This week I had such a nice meeting with one of our customers from Denmark. He was in Stockholm for a few days, and as our office is right by the Central Station it was easy for us to meet.

We had this really nice grilled sandwich and talked about everything, our companies, how we work, how they are using our services today and how we can go on and expand the cooperation.

We had such a good time, something I really appreciated. It’s so rare to meet in person nowadays.tt_globe_logo_200px

I really hope that YOU too will give us a call when you are passing by, even for a quick coffee. Welcome!


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Life hack – anti fraud!


Last week I attended the the Swedish e-legitimation board’s event “#elegdagen”. It was a day full of information from the chairman of the board, the Swedish Civil Minister as well as the head of the Police Anti Fraud division.

From a personal point of view it was a aha-experience when the police talked about the fraud situation in Sweden. And what I really would like to share is these two images (in Swedish no less);

What can an e-legitimation do to make fraud more difficult;
To make the image more informational I’ll translate it here;
– use as a standard to login to official websites
– when creating a new profile at e-commerce sites
– for certain types of large purchases
– to confirm that a credit information request is correct

Tips to minimize the risk to be id-hacked
– if you get a mail offer that is “to good to be true” it is. Search for information.
– mail from unknown recipients – do not read or open attachments.
– use a digital mailbox if there is such a service to receive mail from authorities, one that use an e-legitimation to login
– in Sweden the Tax Agency provides an address change service that is protected by e-legitimation
– Use mobile e-legitimation with caution, do not let someone install it for you
– protect your snail mail by utilizing mailboxes with locks


As usual, if you like more information about our services go to och send us a mail at


Hope you get to have a wonderful weekend and stay safe!

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SMS and Popcorn!


This year we have at least two jubilars to celebrate, one international and one kind of local.

The international is that SMS celebrates 25 years! The protocol for sending SMS came to sms_green_100pxlife during the eighties but nothing really happened until december 1992 when the first SMS was sent, from a computer no less, exactly what we help our customers to do to this day – and more.

According to a number of sites, the total number of SMS sent in June 2014 was about 560 billions…compare that to one SMS in 1992!

What about popcorn?popcorn
Well in Sweden popcorn, or rather ‘movie popcorn’, celebrates 30 years 2017. And we go through about 16 million liters of popcorn every year, and that is only at the movies.


For more information about our SMS services please go to or send us an email to

Have a wonderful day and weekend, and don’t forget to Text and eat Popcorn!


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Read confirmation for received SMS

Do you need to read confirmations for your SMS?

We have three services that can help you solve that.

  • Link-SMS, if the only requirement is that someone have read the message.
  • Login via BankID if you need to know who received and read the message.
    For now only for the Swedish market.
  • Or Signature using¬†BankID for the more critical messages that might be regarding critical work orders and that needs to be¬†done correctly and in a timely fashion.
    For now only for the Swedish market.

Use your mail, our web-interface or API to send your SMS.

If you have any questions please contact us at +46 (0)8-509 126 00 or, more information is available at our web



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What will 2017 bring?


The last post was a recap on 2016 so let¬īs now¬†look at the possibilities of 2017.

First, it will be very fun to get to know our new colleague that will be starting at the beginning of February, it will be great to have another girl on the crew! More introduction will follow.

We will also continue to set up solutions for electronic signatures from countries outside Sweden. They will be avaliable in our Electronic Signing and Secure Messages services.

A project to tune the web interface looks and usability is also on tracks. We are happy to receive any ideas and requests from our users, send an email to if you want to make a contribution!

I¬īm sure there are more fun stuff to come along the way.

The rest of the world then, according to¬†Wired¬†there¬īs a lot going on in 2017.
Among other things, they think that the tellusearthIoT (Internet of Things) will die. At least in the form of today. The cause is the last two years of malware attacks and problems. The need for and the great possibilities with secure and stable solutions that among others will save lives, will hopefully enable the IoT to live on, in one way or the other.

We¬īll see what happens, now there¬īs a long weekend holiday coming up here in Sweden at least.

Be excellent to each other!

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