eCommerce 2017 – conclusion!

A few thoughts after the fair.



During both days we had a many interesting meetings with both other exhibitors as well visitors. We had surprisingly many queries regarding ordinary SMS such as reminders and marketing SMS. Otherwise there were very much interest in digital signing and payment request using SMS.

There was also time to chat some regarding digital signatures,  SMS market and the future challenges of the markets.

So in short a nice fair!


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e-Commerce day one done, now day two!

Yesterday three of us from TellusTalk attended the e-Commerce 2017 fair in Kista.

It was the first time for us at this fair and we actually hade a slow start. But it took not even two hours until we had our hands full and many interesting meetings. If you are here, you can find us at booth B:16B, welcome!

There is not one specific service that have attracted the most interest, but SMS of course all from plain vanilla to marketing SMS. And also payment request and order confirmation SMS signed with BankID.


So to conclude day one, many interesting meetings and talks with prospective partners and clients. And as always, more information about our service can be found at our site!


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Change of platform and another fair!

We are sure having some busy days now!

This week our technicians have been working hard with the last preparations for the migration to the new platform, that will start tonight at 7:00 CET+1. There should be almost no disturbances, but please remember not to update your distribution lists during this time.
We will update our wiki about how they are doing, if you are having any problems please contact us. We are available at +46850912600 around the clock as usual.

tt_globe_logo_200pxAs if that´s not enough, we just got home from the Vitalis fair in Gothenburg and next week you can meet us at the fair ECOMMERCE STHLM at Kistamässan!
Come on by and say hello! Wednesday and Thursday we will be there, answering questions about SMS, digital signatures, secure messages and so on.

Have a nice weekend!


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Important: New platform – new domain

Beautiful blue sky background
Affecting email addressing and API calls

Service Window: Friday May 5 19:00 (CET +1) – Monday May 8, 8:00

TellusTalk will migrate the entire service to a new platform with new domain address.
This will give us the new domain

If you want notices from us with progress updates:

– Send the word Start as subject or message to the address group=4672080| and you will be automatically added to a distribution list. (it looks weird, but it works!)

– Or call us at +46 8 509 126 00 if you have any questions!

What does this mean?
We will have a new domain that will be used as sender in any emails from us to you and also the API address will be different.
Everything else will be as usual.

Emails we send will change sending address to
Most of you won´t even notice the difference, problems could occur if you have some system or machine that is automatically reading and interpreting your emails from us or if you have a firewall that could react to new senders. If you have whitelisted our old sending email address you should do the same with this new one.

API-calls and replies using API will change address to
Calls using the old address will still be working for a while, we are making a soft change to minimize interruptions on your side.

You can also read more here.

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Get a SMS when a fax arrives!


Many of our customers have their fax solution with us. That means that they get their blogg_eng_fax_as_smsincoming faxes delivered as a pdf  file (standard). Recipients can be an email address, a system or even a fax.

Using the TellusTalk platform for receiving faxes makes it possible to add a mobile number as a recipient on the receiving/incoming fax number. When a fax has been received, the system generates a notification message (SMS). The receiver of the fax then goes to the email inbox or system in order to read the full version fax.

One of the advantages with this solution is that SMS gets more attention than an email. Another advantage is that many systems do not generate a notification when a message/fax has arrived.

For more information about our services, please go to our webpage or contact us directly at +46 8-509 126 00!

Cheers and hope you all get a wonderful weekend!

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Gain Loyal Followers through Email Marketing

Regardless of age, the majority of everyone who owns a computer or smartphone has an email-account. The amount of mail sent electronically instead of physically has increased dramatically the past year, which is why you should run along with the trend and put time and hard effort into your Email Marketing.

It may be hard to know where to begin, but once you have embarked on the marketing journey in the world of Email it actually is great fun. Here is a little guide about what you as an entrepreneur should be taking in consideration when sending out Emails to your customers.

Guide: Email Marketing Checklist

Enjoy the weekend!


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Increase your Sales Using SMS-Marketing

In today’s information society, advertisement through digital media is one big leap ahead of the analogue counterpart. We spend the majority of our time on the mobile phone, tablet or computer. As an entrepreneur, it is incredibly important to adjust to the digital environment if you want to keep up with the continuously changing playing field, or you’ll get overrun by your rivals faster than greased lightning.

The first and most important step is to identify your target audience and find out where they are located. Then, you’ll have to figure out which channel you need to use to reach them.

If the channel you have chosen is SMS, there are a few things we need to talk about. Follow this link to find our tips and tricks to make your SMS-campaign successful.

Have a look at our newly published video about Link-SMS if you would like to know more about how we can help you get started with your SMS-campaign.

Enjoy the weekend, so you can start planning on Monday! 🙂


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