SMS and Popcorn!


This year we have at least two jubilars to celebrate, one international and one kind of local.

The international is that SMS celebrates 25 years! The protocol for sending SMS came to sms_green_100pxlife during the eighties but nothing really happened until december 1992 when the first SMS was sent, from a computer no less, exactly what we help our customers to do to this day – and more.

According to a number of sites, the total number of SMS sent in June 2014 was about 560 billions…compare that to one SMS in 1992!

What about popcorn?popcorn
Well in Sweden popcorn, or rather ‘movie popcorn’, celebrates 30 years 2017. And we go through about 16 million liters of popcorn every year, and that is only at the movies.


For more information about our SMS services please go to or send us an email to

Have a wonderful day and weekend, and don’t forget to Text and eat Popcorn!


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Read confirmation for received SMS

Do you need to read confirmations for your SMS?

We have three services that can help you solve that.

  • Link-SMS, if the only requirement is that someone have read the message.
  • Login via BankID if you need to know who received and read the message.
    For now only for the Swedish market.
  • Or Signature using BankID for the more critical messages that might be regarding critical work orders and that needs to be done correctly and in a timely fashion.
    For now only for the Swedish market.

Use your mail, our web-interface or API to send your SMS.

If you have any questions please contact us at +46 (0)8-509 126 00 or, more information is available at our web



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What will 2017 bring?


The last post was a recap on 2016 so let´s now look at the possibilities of 2017.

First, it will be very fun to get to know our new colleague that will be starting at the beginning of February, it will be great to have another girl on the crew! More introduction will follow.

We will also continue to set up solutions for electronic signatures from countries outside Sweden. They will be avaliable in our Electronic Signing and Secure Messages services.

A project to tune the web interface looks and usability is also on tracks. We are happy to receive any ideas and requests from our users, send an email to if you want to make a contribution!

I´m sure there are more fun stuff to come along the way.

The rest of the world then, according to Wired there´s a lot going on in 2017.
Among other things, they think that the tellusearthIoT (Internet of Things) will die. At least in the form of today. The cause is the last two years of malware attacks and problems. The need for and the great possibilities with secure and stable solutions that among others will save lives, will hopefully enable the IoT to live on, in one way or the other.

We´ll see what happens, now there´s a long weekend holiday coming up here in Sweden at least.

Be excellent to each other!

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2016 Recap

Well, 2016 is almost over and a brand new 2017 is waiting ahead.
So, what really happened in 2016?



In January Swish launched the Swish E-commerce service and TellusTalk was one of the first to offer a simple connection using our service Payment Request.
Unfortunately Swish had capacity issues and had to close the service for re design in the beginning of the summer. It looks like there will be a relaunch during January 2017. As soon as we have confirmed the service to be stable, Swish E-commerce will be avaliable in the TellusTalk Payment Request service.


In June we launched our service Electronic Signing, this gave our customers the possibility to use email and SMS to send messages and documents that could be signed electronically by the recipient using BankID.
This is a digital signature with the same probative value as a physical signature. The difference is that it is much quicker and easier to use. This service came about in wake of the Secure Messages service, launched in 2015, that also uses BankID. It´s really great that so many embrached this service and started to send their agreements using this clever solution!


In November the Text-to-Speech service got more functionality, supporting 18 languages and the possibility to let the recipient reply to questions using the keypad. You can let the destination determine the language for the reading of the message, or you can let our system automatically detect the language of your text.
A very useful service as it can both be used to send texts to landlines and also raise attention for a normal text messages sent at the same time.


In December we launched our mobile adapted interface Mbox!
It looks and works like your normal SMS app, but it´s really a web page so you won´t need to install anything. Send your messages quick and easy and receive the replies at the same place. If you save it on your home screen, it will look like an app there too.

In the background our technicians have been working hard with changes and improvements that mostly is not visible to us, but that has given us a quicker and more reliable platform. An important job that doesn´t always get the credit it deserves, so I would like to send them an extra Thank You for their good work this year!

Of course, some things have happened outside TellusTalk too this year.. Wired has made a video recapping this years gadgets:

With this I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year!tellusearth


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Season’s greetings from us!

Merry Christmas to You all!


We wish that all of you, new and long time acquaintances, have a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones or in good company!
But we also take this opportunity to remember that everybody is not so fortunate, therefore we have chosen to make a donation to Medecins Sans Frontieres this year.msf_company_support_2016_small


As usual if you like to know more about our services, go to our webpage, send us an email to ‘’ or give us a call at +46 8-509 126 00.

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Missed both christmas party and farewell

I was so looking forward to the annual christmas party, sitting down with all the colleagues, eating and having a good time.kaboompics.com_Beautiful Christmas table setting (1)

But, hours before I was due to leave, I got ill instead!

I not only missed the party, I also missed the farewell to our Hannele, that is now leaving us for a new job and new opportunities. I was really disappointed…

So Hannele, I will have to wish you all the best from my sickbed!

Now I hope you all have a nice weekend and that you are not too stressed about all the christmas shopping!


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Mbox – Mobile adapted interface!

We are proud to present our new interface ‘mbox‘ – a scaled down and fully mobile compatible interface for sending messages on all our channels using your TellusTalk account.tellusearth

Mbox is designed with the native Android SMS App in mind, to make it as easy as possible for as many users as possible.

So what are you going to use it for?
Our intention was to create a simple yet powerful interface to enable you to easily send messages using your account with us.

The mbox is for sending messages, to Groups (what we call Distribution lists in the Toolbox), existing contacts and also new recipients. However you cannot change any settings at all in mbox. Which is one reason why we right now are calling it the ‘Simple and mobile adapted login’

To login to mbox you can click on this link it will not only work on any phone it also works on any platform such as Mac and Windows. 🙂

And sorry everyone for the Swedish screen captures! If you login on mbox on your phone, this is the first thing you’ll see.
All your existing Conversations, if you are using our two-way SMS you can click on that conversation to see all transactions.

Of course you can scroll up and down to view all conversations.

And to logout you simply press on the three dots up on the left, and a promo window opens with the logout button.



If you click on the ‘plus’ down on the right you’ll come to this view.mbox_meddelande

Here you can Send messages by typing it in the message field at the bottom. Add subject on the line above it where you also can attach a file before sending it by clicking the Send Arrow.
But Wait!
You must add some recipients first, do this by clicking on existing contacts such as mine ‘Peder’, or adding a new recipient in the ‘To field’ – yes here it says ‘Till..’
And finally you can also send to a Group, to choose one click on the symbol with to figures, then make your selection from the list shown. Now you can click on the Send Arrow

You can also mix message types, send SMS, mail and fax all at once. The only limitation is the same as on your account.

So what are you waiting for? Login and try! 🙂

Have a nice weekend now!

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