Missed both christmas party and farewell

I was so looking forward to the annual christmas party, sitting down with all the colleagues, eating and having a good time.kaboompics.com_Beautiful Christmas table setting (1)

But, hours before I was due to leave, I got ill instead!

I not only missed the party, I also missed the farewell to our Hannele, that is now leaving us for a new job and new opportunities. I was really disappointed…

So Hannele, I will have to wish you all the best from my sickbed!

Now I hope you all have a nice weekend and that you are not too stressed about all the christmas shopping!


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Mbox – Mobile adapted interface!

We are proud to present our new interface ‘mbox‘ – a scaled down and fully mobile compatible interface for sending messages on all our channels using your TellusTalk account.tellusearth

Mbox is designed with the native Android SMS App in mind, to make it as easy as possible for as many users as possible.

So what are you going to use it for?
Our intention was to create a simple yet powerful interface to enable you to easily send messages using your account with us.

The mbox is for sending messages, to Groups (what we call Distribution lists in the Toolbox), existing contacts and also new recipients. However you cannot change any settings at all in mbox. Which is one reason why we right now are calling it the ‘Simple and mobile adapted login’

To login to mbox you can click on this link it will not only work on any phone it also works on any platform such as Mac and Windows. 🙂

And sorry everyone for the Swedish screen captures! If you login on mbox on your phone, this is the first thing you’ll see.
All your existing Conversations, if you are using our two-way SMS you can click on that conversation to see all transactions.

Of course you can scroll up and down to view all conversations.

And to logout you simply press on the three dots up on the left, and a promo window opens with the logout button.



If you click on the ‘plus’ down on the right you’ll come to this view.mbox_meddelande

Here you can Send messages by typing it in the message field at the bottom. Add subject on the line above it where you also can attach a file before sending it by clicking the Send Arrow.
But Wait!
You must add some recipients first, do this by clicking on existing contacts such as mine ‘Peder’, or adding a new recipient in the ‘To field’ – yes here it says ‘Till..’
And finally you can also send to a Group, to choose one click on the symbol with to figures, then make your selection from the list shown. Now you can click on the Send Arrow

You can also mix message types, send SMS, mail and fax all at once. The only limitation is the same as on your account.

So what are you waiting for? Login and try! 🙂

Have a nice weekend now!

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Lots to do..

Actually I haven´t even had time for the blog!tellusearth

We were supposed to have launched this new service this week, but with all the workload with new customers we just couldn´t make it. You will have to wait until next week, then maybe we have more than one new thing to show you. Keep your fingers crossed!

I hope you have a lovely weekend!


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Send your Text 2 Voice in the language you choose!

Hi all!

Since it was just the other week that we updated our ‘Text to Voice’ solution and that it also have received a lot of attention made me want to give you a tip!text_to_voice_small

Our standard setting is that the country code will decide the language that will be spoken. However we have also this feature where You can set the language.

Do you want to test?
From your email you do it like this. First in your message you type the language you would like to be used, like this ‘english: ‘. And then your message should be entered on a new row under that, of course in the said language!

It is as simple as that. 🙂


More info can be found at www.tellustalk.com

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Electronic Identification For The Win

I am truly amazed by the response our latest service got! Everyone wants to either send messages protected by BankID or to be signed using BankID, or both! And I am hard pressed to also manage to write something interesting for this blog… bankid_logo_2x2cm

I´m happy to say that together with our customers we have managed to enhance the services a bit more and next in line is to add more types of electronic identification available in other countries! We will start with the nordic region and work our way ahead.

The goal is global coverage of course.tellusearth
About that, what do you like our new logo?
Boss isn´t sure we should change it, but I love it! Maybe I´ll take it to a vote later…


Well, I hope y´all have a nice weekend!


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Text 2 Voice – new features!

To send Text2Voice with TellusTalk have now become better with support for more text_to_voice_nyhetsbrevfeatures.

One new feature is that we now support 18 languages instead of only one, that means that you can now send your messages to so many more recipients in their own language.

The other major change, or upgrade if you so please, is that our service now also support keystrokes. Such as “Press 1 for Yes or 2 for No…”. Answers are logged and sent to you via Email or API.

Are you a customer?
– If so you can test the new features right away, and this is how you do it;
Send and email to our system with the prefix ‘999’ and we will then convert it to a Speech SMS. Oh almost forgot, this is how it can look like ‘99946730120153@esms.nu’ !

Today we can see that the service is used to communicate with support staff on call and to communicate with visually impaired. Of course the possibilities are endless.



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Why we choose BankID

We launched two services during 2016 for the Swedish market that focused on secure messaging and e-signature. We choose the Swedish BankID application to enable us to create services with ease of use, security and widespread acceptance.

BankID in Sweden and Norway was developed both as an answer for the EU’s new guidelines saying that an electronic signature tellusearthwas to be considered equal to an analog or physical signature, and as well as the Swedish 24 hour availability initiative for all levels of governmental institutions.

The BankID was developed by a bank consortium, mostly due to that the Banking industry at that time, had the largest customer base on which identity could be verified and then an electronic signature could be issued.

Today we can see uses of BankID in a wide variety of businesses and functions. They range from receiving a signed SMS that can be used as a ‘read receipt’ to secure confirmation of orders. Enabling secure transfer of data to employees and customers via SMS and Mail. And of course electronic signing of agreements.

As the eID revolution continues to sweep around the world, TellusTalk will extend it’s support for accepted eID solutions in more countries. Sweden and Norway is just the beginning.

For more information contact us at sales @ tellustalk.com or go to http://www.tellustalk.com for more information.


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