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Get a SMS when a fax arrives!

Hi, Many of our customers have their fax solution with us. That means that they get their incoming faxes delivered as a pdf  file (standard). Recipients can be an email address, a system or even a fax. Using the TellusTalk … Continue reading

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Mbox – Mobile adapted interface!

We are proud to present our new interface ‘mbox‘ – a scaled down and fully mobile compatible interface for sending messages on all our channels using your TellusTalk account. Mbox is designed with the native Android SMS App in mind, to … Continue reading

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Fax is back

Well OK, that might be an exaggeration, but we do get many more enquires regarding our fax service as of late. And this despite that everybody say fax is dead. So…long live the fax. Most of our customers have chosen … Continue reading

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