10 years anniversary!

It´s almost unbelievable, but this past weekend I had my 10 years anniversary at TellusTalk!

10 years ago, we moved from the northern part of Sweden to Stockholm, and I have no regrets.
TellusTalk has become more than a job, it´s almost family to me now. That my husband started working here too after a couple of years also contributes.. 🙂 But also all the great colleagues I have had the honor to know, not to mention all of our great customers ❤

I have learnt so much these past years, about people, sales, marketing, economics and how to manage a successful business. Meeting customers from all kinds of businesses I have had the opportunity to have a peek behind the scenes and learn about things I never heard about before.

I am so grateful for these past 10 years and I´m looking forward to atleast 10 more!

As TellusTalk itself also have a 20 years anniversary this year makes it extra fun. I am a bit crazy about cakes, so I have requested one cake each week this entire year 🙂 It might be a good thing that I don´t always get what I want, but there have been quite a few cakes so far and I´m expecting a few more coming our way before the year is ended.


I wish you all a great summer, and please don´t be put out with me, but I also wish for some rain here in Sweden to make sure I have food for my horse this coming winter 🙂


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