E-marketing – simple opt out and happy recipients

There can be many reasons you would want to ensure that recipients can easily opt out from future send outs. And sometimes to opt back in.
Of course, we have a simple solution for this!cropped-tt_globe_transparent.png

When you send ads and offers, local rules and regulations for marketing will apply. This normally includes that you must have some existing relationship with the recipient, or they must have explicitly have approved that you can send them this kind of content using email or SMS. There must also be a simple way of unsubscribing.

At the office it could be on call technicians that should be able to opt in and out of a group that is notified with alerts. Or temps that don´t want to get job offers when they are on vacation.

This will work easily if you use Distribution Lists when you send your messages.
The recipients are saved as members in your list, and if they opt out, they will automatically change status to “unsubscribed”, so that you can easily tell them apart.

When you send Email with your Distribution List, we will automatically add a header where the recipient can click “Unsubscribe”. There is also the option to “Subscribe” if they were to change their minds later.

When you send SMS with your Distribution List, the setting is made so that the recipient can reply to your message with the word STOP, and they will automatically be unsubscribed from your list.

If you send your message as Link-SMS instead of a normal SMS, the functionality for opt out is located in the header of the link destination. Of course, it will also work if the recipient replies STOP.

To use alphanumeric sender on SMS for commercial messages is not recommended as it makes it more difficult to unsubscribe, and that can cause irritation. And noone wants irritated customers, right?

Read more about opt out and Distribution Lists

You can always call us at +46850912600 or send an email to sales@tellustalk.com if you want to talk more about how we can help you with your e-marketing!

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