Important: New platform – new domain

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Affecting email addressing and API calls

Service Window: Friday May 5 19:00 (CET +1) – Monday May 8, 8:00

TellusTalk will migrate the entire service to a new platform with new domain address.
This will give us the new domain

If you want notices from us with progress updates:

– Send the word Start as subject or message to the address group=4672080| and you will be automatically added to a distribution list. (it looks weird, but it works!)

– Or call us at +46 8 509 126 00 if you have any questions!

What does this mean?
We will have a new domain that will be used as sender in any emails from us to you and also the API address will be different.
Everything else will be as usual.

Emails we send will change sending address to
Most of you won´t even notice the difference, problems could occur if you have some system or machine that is automatically reading and interpreting your emails from us or if you have a firewall that could react to new senders. If you have whitelisted our old sending email address you should do the same with this new one.

API-calls and replies using API will change address to
Calls using the old address will still be working for a while, we are making a soft change to minimize interruptions on your side.

You can also read more here.

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