Get a SMS when a fax arrives!


Many of our customers have their fax solution with us. That means that they get their blogg_eng_fax_as_smsincoming faxes delivered as a pdf  file (standard). Recipients can be an email address, a system or even a fax.

Using the TellusTalk platform for receiving faxes makes it possible to add a mobile number as a recipient on the receiving/incoming fax number. When a fax has been received, the system generates a notification message (SMS). The receiver of the fax then goes to the email inbox or system in order to read the full version fax.

One of the advantages with this solution is that SMS gets more attention than an email. Another advantage is that many systems do not generate a notification when a message/fax has arrived.

For more information about our services, please go to our webpage or contact us directly at +46 8-509 126 00!

Cheers and hope you all get a wonderful weekend!

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