Life hack – anti fraud!


Last week I attended the the Swedish e-legitimation board’s event “#elegdagen”. It was a day full of information from the chairman of the board, the Swedish Civil Minister as well as the head of the Police Anti Fraud division.

From a personal point of view it was a aha-experience when the police talked about the fraud situation in Sweden. And what I really would like to share is these two images (in Swedish no less);

What can an e-legitimation do to make fraud more difficult;
To make the image more informational I’ll translate it here;
– use as a standard to login to official websites
– when creating a new profile at e-commerce sites
– for certain types of large purchases
– to confirm that a credit information request is correct

Tips to minimize the risk to be id-hacked
– if you get a mail offer that is “to good to be true” it is. Search for information.
– mail from unknown recipients – do not read or open attachments.
– use a digital mailbox if there is such a service to receive mail from authorities, one that use an e-legitimation to login
– in Sweden the Tax Agency provides an address change service that is protected by e-legitimation
– Use mobile e-legitimation with caution, do not let someone install it for you
– protect your snail mail by utilizing mailboxes with locks


As usual, if you like more information about our services go to och send us a mail at


Hope you get to have a wonderful weekend and stay safe!

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