SMS and Popcorn!


This year we have at least two jubilars to celebrate, one international and one kind of local.

The international is that SMS celebrates 25 years! The protocol for sending SMS came to sms_green_100pxlife during the eighties but nothing really happened until december 1992 when the first SMS was sent, from a computer no less, exactly what we help our customers to do to this day – and more.

According to a number of sites, the total number of SMS sent in June 2014 was about 560 billions…compare that to one SMS in 1992!

What about popcorn?popcorn
Well in Sweden popcorn, or rather ‘movie popcorn’, celebrates 30 years 2017. And we go through about 16 million liters of popcorn every year, and that is only at the movies.


For more information about our SMS services please go to or send us an email to

Have a wonderful day and weekend, and don’t forget to Text and eat Popcorn!


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