What will 2017 bring?


The last post was a recap on 2016 so let´s now look at the possibilities of 2017.

First, it will be very fun to get to know our new colleague that will be starting at the beginning of February, it will be great to have another girl on the crew! More introduction will follow.

We will also continue to set up solutions for electronic signatures from countries outside Sweden. They will be avaliable in our Electronic Signing and Secure Messages services.

A project to tune the web interface looks and usability is also on tracks. We are happy to receive any ideas and requests from our users, send an email to sales@tellustalk.com if you want to make a contribution!

I´m sure there are more fun stuff to come along the way.

The rest of the world then, according to Wired there´s a lot going on in 2017.
Among other things, they think that the tellusearthIoT (Internet of Things) will die. At least in the form of today. The cause is the last two years of malware attacks and problems. The need for and the great possibilities with secure and stable solutions that among others will save lives, will hopefully enable the IoT to live on, in one way or the other.

We´ll see what happens, now there´s a long weekend holiday coming up here in Sweden at least.

Be excellent to each other!

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