2016 Recap

Well, 2016 is almost over and a brand new 2017 is waiting ahead.
So, what really happened in 2016?



In January Swish launched the Swish E-commerce service and TellusTalk was one of the first to offer a simple connection using our service Payment Request.
Unfortunately Swish had capacity issues and had to close the service for re design in the beginning of the summer. It looks like there will be a relaunch during January 2017. As soon as we have confirmed the service to be stable, Swish E-commerce will be avaliable in the TellusTalk Payment Request service.


In June we launched our service Electronic Signing, this gave our customers the possibility to use email and SMS to send messages and documents that could be signed electronically by the recipient using BankID.
This is a digital signature with the same probative value as a physical signature. The difference is that it is much quicker and easier to use. This service came about in wake of the Secure Messages service, launched in 2015, that also uses BankID. It´s really great that so many embrached this service and started to send their agreements using this clever solution!


In November the Text-to-Speech service got more functionality, supporting 18 languages and the possibility to let the recipient reply to questions using the keypad. You can let the destination determine the language for the reading of the message, or you can let our system automatically detect the language of your text.
A very useful service as it can both be used to send texts to landlines and also raise attention for a normal text messages sent at the same time.


In December we launched our mobile adapted interface Mbox!
It looks and works like your normal SMS app, but it´s really a web page so you won´t need to install anything. Send your messages quick and easy and receive the replies at the same place. If you save it on your home screen, it will look like an app there too.

In the background our technicians have been working hard with changes and improvements that mostly is not visible to us, but that has given us a quicker and more reliable platform. An important job that doesn´t always get the credit it deserves, so I would like to send them an extra Thank You for their good work this year!

Of course, some things have happened outside TellusTalk too this year.. Wired has made a video recapping this years gadgets:

With this I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year!tellusearth


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