Mbox – Mobile adapted interface!

We are proud to present our new interface ‘mbox‘ – a scaled down and fully mobile compatible interface for sending messages on all our channels using your TellusTalk account.tellusearth

Mbox is designed with the native Android SMS App in mind, to make it as easy as possible for as many users as possible.

So what are you going to use it for?
Our intention was to create a simple yet powerful interface to enable you to easily send messages using your account with us.

The mbox is for sending messages, to Groups (what we call Distribution lists in the Toolbox), existing contacts and also new recipients. However you cannot change any settings at all in mbox. Which is one reason why we right now are calling it the ‘Simple and mobile adapted login’

To login to mbox you can click on this link it will not only work on any phone it also works on any platform such as Mac and Windows. 🙂

And sorry everyone for the Swedish screen captures! If you login on mbox on your phone, this is the first thing you’ll see.
All your existing Conversations, if you are using our two-way SMS you can click on that conversation to see all transactions.

Of course you can scroll up and down to view all conversations.

And to logout you simply press on the three dots up on the left, and a promo window opens with the logout button.



If you click on the ‘plus’ down on the right you’ll come to this view.mbox_meddelande

Here you can Send messages by typing it in the message field at the bottom. Add subject on the line above it where you also can attach a file before sending it by clicking the Send Arrow.
But Wait!
You must add some recipients first, do this by clicking on existing contacts such as mine ‘Peder’, or adding a new recipient in the ‘To field’ – yes here it says ‘Till..’
And finally you can also send to a Group, to choose one click on the symbol with to figures, then make your selection from the list shown. Now you can click on the Send Arrow

You can also mix message types, send SMS, mail and fax all at once. The only limitation is the same as on your account.

So what are you waiting for? Login and try! 🙂

Have a nice weekend now!

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