Text 2 Voice – new features!

To send Text2Voice with TellusTalk have now become better with support for more text_to_voice_nyhetsbrevfeatures.

One new feature is that we now support 18 languages instead of only one, that means that you can now send your messages to so many more recipients in their own language.

The other major change, or upgrade if you so please, is that our service now also support keystrokes. Such as “Press 1 for Yes or 2 for No…”. Answers are logged and sent to you via Email or API.

Are you a customer?
– If so you can test the new features right away, and this is how you do it;
Send and email to our system with the prefix ‘999’ and we will then convert it to a Speech SMS. Oh almost forgot, this is how it can look like ‘99946730120153@esms.nu’ !

Today we can see that the service is used to communicate with support staff on call and to communicate with visually impaired. Of course the possibilities are endless.



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