Why we choose BankID

We launched two services during 2016 for the Swedish market that focused on secure messaging and e-signature. We choose the Swedish BankID application to enable us to create services with ease of use, security and widespread acceptance.

BankID in Sweden and Norway was developed both as an answer for the EU’s new guidelines saying that an electronic signature tellusearthwas to be considered equal to an analog or physical signature, and as well as the Swedish 24 hour availability initiative for all levels of governmental institutions.

The BankID was developed by a bank consortium, mostly due to that the Banking industry at that time, had the largest customer base on which identity could be verified and then an electronic signature could be issued.

Today we can see uses of BankID in a wide variety of businesses and functions. They range from receiving a signed SMS that can be used as a ‘read receipt’ to secure confirmation of orders. Enabling secure transfer of data to employees and customers via SMS and Mail. And of course electronic signing of agreements.

As the eID revolution continues to sweep around the world, TellusTalk will extend it’s support for accepted eID solutions in more countries. Sweden and Norway is just the beginning.

For more information contact us at sales @ tellustalk.com or go to http://www.tellustalk.com for more information.


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