Integrate more – be more effective!

An integration is when some systems are talking to each other and sharing the same data, it saves time, decreases manual handling and the risk for errors.

You probably already have some kind of ERP, WMS or some other system with information about your customers. To connect your system with ours could easily add and enhance functionality that could make your day a lot easier.

Right now we are doing an integration with a big system for property management, this will speed up the contract management as we can offer a secure solution for electronic signing and the password management will also be more secure with our solution for secure SMS. They will also have the possibility to automatically send SMS reminders about unpaid rent, planned maintenance and error reports. And this is only to start with, more functionality will be added along the way. A really fun project for sure!

Integration could sound advanced, but sometimes it´s as simple as letting the system email the info to us, to trigger sendouts by SMS.
A little more advanced is to have the system make simple HTTP calls, for full integration functionality we recommend the RESTapi.

If you have a system that could do with some integration, let us know and we´ll help you!

If you want to be.. less effective.. you could take a minute to enjoy this amazing sunset I shot yesterday over the forests of Södermanland in Sweden



Best regards!


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