Send an agreement for signing using BankID

This blogg entry, the first after our summer break,  is actually only for the Swedish market. And it will be a bit text heavy due to my attempt to capture the gist out of Li’s movie.

I will recap the essence of the movie below, so that you know what you can expect of our eSign feature. If you like to see the movie I have embedded it…

The gist of the movie

So using our solution for eSigning you can mail or SMS an agreement, pdf dokument,  to be signed by one ore more parties.

In the movie this is done using the TellusTalk web interface, Toolbox.
When you are logged in click Send, and in the New Message add the recipients in the to field like this;* (replace “*” with the Swedish personal number)

Type your text in the message field and finally attach a pdf to your message. When all is done you choose Now in the send option and hit Send.

The mail is delivered to the recipient with an option to sign the agreement using BankID, you can choose to use a local BankID solution or an BankID solution on another unit such as BankID for mobiles.

When you have read the agreement and signed it using BankID, a new pdf is created. That pdf consists of three parts a coverpage, BankID identification in written form and finally the agreement in it self.

The new pdf is locked and cannot be altered.

Please leat us know if you like to try this feature, if you already are a customer to TellusTalk you can try this feature right now (please be aware that there might be transaction charges for testing).

If yo like to read more about the feature, you can do that in Swedish here.

Have a nice weekend!



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