Send SMS using Outlook

In Outlook 2007 and 2010 there is a smart module for sending text messages to your contacts, unfortunately Microsoft thought it has not been used enough, so in Outlook 2016(Office 365) it´s gone. Fortunately, we have a solution!smsbild liten

For companies that want to be able to continue sending SMS using Outlook, we have a nice solution. It´s not exactly the same, it has some great extra features.

Basically you just email your message to us, along with the mobile number. Our systems will handle it automatically and send your message within seconds.

Since you put the number in the email address, you can save your SMS recipients as contacts, and text them anytime from your email.

It can look like this: ”Carl Mobile” <>

As usual you can create groups and distribution lists with these contacts, and send SMS to many at the same time.

Just like with any other emails!

Unlike with the module, this also works with your webmail. You can also attach pictures and documents, then your SMS turns into a Link-SMS. Like MMS but with the same coverage as SMS!

All you need is an account with us!

Interested? Contact us and we will tell you more!
+46 8 509 126 00 or


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