Quality SMS, what is that?

We often have questions about what Quality SMS means and why the difference in price, so now I will try to sort it out for you.

Person-to-personsmsbild liten

When a cellphone sends SMS to another cell, it´s called Person2Person, the SMS is sent from the senders mobile operator to the recipients operator.
If sender and recipient has the same operator, messages is normally less expensive or free of charge. If they have different operators it normally costs a little bit more. The reason for this is that operators will charge each other to handle external messages.
This is called interconnect fee.


When we send SMS to the network it is called A2P (Application2Person) since we have a system as originator instead of a cell.
Also in this case the operators will charge an interconnect fee.

Filtering of cheap SMS

To save money and to be able to offer very cheap SMS, there are some companies that try to conceal their A2P SMS as Person to Person SMS to avoid the interconnect fees.
Of course the operators don’t like this and they work hard with different filtering solutions to stop these kind of messages. Among other things they usually try to filter messages that has functionality that Person2Person SMS don´t have, like:
– Alphanumeric sender, that is when you have a text instead of a number as sender
– Validity time, this is used to avoid delivery of expired information
– Flash-SMS, when the message is delivered directly to the phone screen.

At the same time, these companies are continually testing new ways to send their messages. Of course, this means that the rate of delivery and stability becomes quite low, your messages might be delivered today, but maybe not tomorrow.

Quality SMS – reliable delivery

And this is why you should choose Quality SMS.
Quality SMS means that there is a stabile and reliable direct connection with the operators, with all interconnect fees paid. You will not risk to have you messages filtered, SMS is sent with a warranty of delivery. And if there is any delivery problems, the operators will assist finding the problem and fixing it.

Quality SMS is the obvious choice for those who have important information to send, and wants to be sure it is delivered safely. Make sure you always ask your SMS aggregator if it is Quality SMS when you ask them for a price list.

TellusTalk only provides Quality SMS

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