Christmas is near

As the holidays are coming the pace at the office is slowing down, the true christmas spirit is not yet upon us though, as we still have no snow here…

This week we had the traditional Julbord (read about Julbord on Wikipedia) with colleagues and family.
The rule has been not to go to the same restaurant twice, but after 17 years it´s getting hard to find new places…
So this year we booked a table at Operakällaren, it was almost 10 years since the last time there.
What a hit!
Amazing view at Strömmen and all the christmas lights of Stockholm, a well composed and arranged Julbord with both servings at the table and the traditional Smörgåsbord. Very well educated and attentive staff and the food, it was simply amazing!
So, I think we all agree that we now should change our routine and only visit Operakällarens Julbord in the future.

We also celebrated our dear friend and colleague Stephan, who is now retiring after more than 10 years with us at TellusTalk.
We hope he will enjoy free time and relaxation. We will miss you!


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