How to choose the right SMS supplier

SMS_textChoosing the right supplier for A2P, application to person messaging is important not only to reduce risk.

It is also a great opportunity to develop customer communication, increase efficiency and develop your business.

Price or quality
As for most products price and quality are strongly linked.

A text message can be delivered from your application to the recipient in several different ways.  As long as the chain consists of channels regulated by legal agreements it works without problems. Sending text messages from a system means that you get access to a number of extra features not available when sending texts from your mobile. For example, you can get delivery reports, view real-time logs and advanced troubleshooting.

Some SMS-providers try lower the price by sending SMS through unregulated channels without all the legal stuff in order. It’s not uncommon that traffic is sent through so many channels that you no longer have control over it. This greatly increases the risk for non-deliveries and and faulty delivery reports. Debugging will not be possible.

The price is clearly not everything and when comparing prices it is important to know that the quality of the products is similar.

Fixed fees?
Most suppliers has a monthly subscription fee in addition to the cost per SMS.
In most cases, it is worth not only to compare the fee it self but also what it actually contains.

10 good questions to ask before choosing supplier
How important is it that all the SMS is delivered?
How important is it to get accurate delivery reports?
How important is it to choose senderID?
Does the supplier offer the possibility for you to receive answers when sending messages?
Does the supplier offer the possibility to send messages by email or web interface?
Does the supplier offer the possibility to send messages by API?
Can the supplier offer ways to send messages without internet connection?
Is support free of charge?
Does the provider offer support 24/7?
Can the provider offer smart solutions that simplify your work?
Written by Hannele Söderholm

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