Busy at the office?

Many meetings booked?bild_47länder_landskoder
All projects up and running?
Feeling satisfied an calm?

For most companies autumn is one of the busiest times of the year.

Busy days are often fun but can sometimes be stressful as well. Most of us have some projects not getting the attention needed. A couple of hours extra per week would be a great help.

A good way to get more time is to free more time. Don’t spend hours doing things someone else can do faster and better. Get help by a professional when needed.

This is something we take pride of doing at the TellusTalk office. 8 employees are handling about 1000 customers and over 40 000 users. We also frequently launch new services and man our 24/7 support. We do everything related to our SMS, fax, email and Swish services.

But what we actually do at the office is to help our customers with our expertise. We want our customers to do what they do best!

/ Hannele Söderholm

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