Let your system send automated SMS, a blog post for non-technicians

This is a blog post not only for you in need of automated SMS being sent from yourall message types system. It’s also a blog post for all of you wondering what the guys in the IT department does all day. I will provide you all with an example.

A woman called me from a medical centre, she wanted to remind the patients about their appointments to reduce the number of patients turning up late.
–It’s obvious to me I can’t send all these reminders manually, not from my phone and not even from a system designated to send text messages. Do you have a solution she asked.

I explained to her we have a solution made for booking systems like hers. Most systems has a function for sending reminders or other kind of alerts. That function is easy to integrate with TellusTalk.

To make this work the IT department often need to work their magic. The work is usually done within an hour. But what does the IT guys actually do?

The secret is URLs, the same kind of URLs you are using when visiting a web page, http://www.tellustalk.com is an example of an URL.

Your system will send a request (a message saying I want to send a text) to TellusTalk, by using an URL. The message contains the number the text will be the delivered to, the text it self and other information, like if the the message shall be delivered in a certain time.

When TellusTalk receives the request we send an ok and then we do what we are told, to deliver the text, fax, Link-SMS, Voice-SMS or an email.

There are loads more stuff to do when letting your system send text. And in this case, the easiest way to find out what is either to contact TellusTalk, or to ask you IT department.
Cause the IT department translate the content of this link:  https://sites.google.com/a/tellustalk.com/english/api

So how did it all turn out fot the woman in the medical centre? I became the link between her and her IT department and a couple of hours later reminders was being sent. And all she needed to do was to decide the content and the originator of the message.

/ Hannele

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