Failed SMS delivery – what to do?

If a regular phone can send text messages to a number – we can to!SMS_text
Here is something that you can do to help us find out why your message failed.

It is called A2P, the thing we do with your message.
We send SMS from Application(our system) to a Person.
These messages are delivered to the operators a little bit differently than regular SMS, among other things this gives us more functionality like for example the possibility to put a text as sender instead of your number.
If could also mean that sometimes, our messages can fail when regular SMS doesn´t.
Usually all we need to do is change some settings on our side.

If your SMS failed to deliver, please first check the following:
– is it the right number? It´s very easy to type it wrong.
– is it a valid number? Do you know for sure there is a subscriber to tis number?
– is it possible to send regular SMS using a cell phone?
– did the recipient try to restart the phone? We call it The SIM card dance

If your answer to the above is Yes, then we should be able to deliver your message.
Call or email us as soon as possible, tell us the recipient number, and we will make sure your message is delivered!

Best regards

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