Back to school – efficient communication by SMS

After a long and well needed summer holiday it’s time to go back to school.
Schools uses SMS frequently, it’s time and cost effective. Most students, and parents for younger pupils read an SMS whit in minutes.

I will present some great examples:

Delayed school bus
The administrator of school buses and their routes create a distribution list per bus route
The administrator can register phone numbers to kids and parents using the route.  If preferred the kids and parents can register them self by sending an SMS to a mobile short code.

When a bus is late or cancelled the administrator can send a singe email reaching all members of the distribution list. The driver of the bus can, when standing still on a bus stop, send a single SMS to a number and all the members of the list will receive the message.

Keep in touch with unmotivated students
Unfortunately it’s quite common unmotivated students doe’s not want to go to school. Many teachers experiences that an email or text sent during continuously during the holidays or shortly before the start of term motivates these kids. A single SMS can make a great difference.

When using a text message service teachers do not need to use  their private phones. They use the school email instead.

Report sick leave
During the terms many parent finds it convenient to send an SMS to school when their kids are ill.
The advantages for both parents and the school are many. No more busy lines in the morning. All information is written so the risk of misunderstandings is greatly reduced. A day or two before you get back you can send an SMS informing the teacher or administrator.

Communicate changes in the schedule
When a teacher is delayed or ill, when a class is canceled or when a classroom change is made the risk of confusion is reduced by sending the right message in the right time. This is easily done by SMS. All the students of a class is registered on a distribution list. A single message to the list will reach all users registered. If needed the recipients can answer if they have a question or concern.

The answers are delivered to the original sender of the message who can take appropriate actions.

Have a great term / Hannele

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