New cool conversations using Link-SMS

We will soon be launching a smart functionality for conversations in the Link-SMS web view!

If you haven´t yet heard of Link-SMS, it´s our way to attach pictures, documents or videos to a normal SMS. Like MMS, only better.
The recipient will have an SMS with a short link that could be opened in any web browser. Both your message and your attached pictures and documents are displayed here, there is also a possibility to send a reply directly from the web view.

Imagine that you would send a Link-SMS to someone, and that person replies from the web view. You will normally have an email with the reply, but now the reply is also added to a conversation in the same web view!

If then you were to answer again from your email, an SMS is sent to the recipient with your reply and the same web view is updated again.
Then maybe this person hade some problems with the cellphone, maybe the battery died, and they never got your reply. But if the person had noted the short url to the web view, they could access the web view from any mobile or computer and read your reply and send another back to you.

Your SMS is suddenly completely mobile, free and not depending on the number that first received it!

This idea comes from one of our clients that handle international insurance claims, their clients are often travelling when something happends, and they can report this using SMS. Normally the conversation will continue using SMS, but sometimes there is problems with coverage or maybe the battery died. Then you suddenly loose contact.
But, with this new functionality with conversations in the web view they can easily stay in touch using any mobile or computer!

Neat, right?
Contact us if you want to know more! Call +46 8-509 126 00 or email, or visit our website and look around!

I hope we have a few more nice sunny summer weeks before fall is upon us, I think I´m going to make some more elderflower cordial!



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