Send from our webinterface

Our talented programmers have been busy this year. Not only have they completed our new API. They have also added many new and useful features when you send messages from the Toolbox on the web.

The goal for the new interface was that it should be easy to use and offer more functions. To mention but a few, send Link-SMS and html formatted emails.
If you find it hard to use all these new features please remember that our support is available 24/7 around the year to help You when you need it!

With the new send function in the Toolbox you can now:

  • attach files to your messages (images, PDF, contacts…)
  • design nice looking sendings, for both email and Link-SMS
  • make a separate SMS text for your Link-SMS

Of course are all the previous functions still here:

  • send to groups with millions of recipients
  • schedule your sendings
  • adjustable validity time for SMS delivery
  • save drafts
  • complete presentation of your sendings to simplify follow up of delivery, reply and click frequency

Thanks 🙂
+46 8-509 126 00

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