Mobile coupons are 10 times more effective

mobil_grey_with_buble kopiaA regular coupon is only used by a few percent of the recipients. They are often
relatively expensive to produce, print and distribute. They are not a cost effective way to remind the customers to visit you.

But the idea of coupons is excellent, the customers get additional value and the shop get customers. An effective solution is to use mobile coupons. They are up to ten times more effective. All this according to a study presented by Business Insider

The idea of mobile coupons is easy!
– Good value coupons are sent to already existing customers via SMS or Link-SMS.
– Because its easy to keep track of which customers uses which coupons it’s easy to adapt the content in the future.
– Satisfied customers tends to be loyal and talk positive about the brand.
– Recommendations from family and friends are important to most people when making a decision where to buy something.

A popular way to send coupons is to use Link-SMS.
The coupons is sent as a SMS containing a link. When clicking the link the coupon appear and it’s scannable in the cash register. You don’t need to set up the web page posted in the link your self. It’s automatically done when sending a Link-SMS to your customers.

/ Hannele

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