How do you send a message?

Here in Stockholm we have had, and so also today, mixed weather. TTdekorAnd since many (here in Sweden) will be going on the annual vacation I hope that the summer will start to deliver soon.

Quite often we get the question, how do I send a message using your service or is possible to send it in more ways than one.

The answer is, there are mainly three ways to send messages using TellusTalk, all of them are always available to you as our customer!

The most common way is still using your own email client. It is a tool that you are already accustomed to and it is as simple as sending an ordinary email. Apart from SMS you can also send Link-SMS, Fax, MMS and make very large email sendings using our Distribution Lists.

The second most used method, is to integrate our SMS-gateway into your system using our API. Of them the newest is a REST api that handles all our messages types and all the settings that are available through the web interface.

Which then lead us to the web interface – the Toolbox. Through it any user can create Distribution Lists and also Send messages directly from the web. As a user you can get access to it through our webb

One of the main advantages to use the Toolbox instead of your email to send messages is the possibility to schedule when your messages should be delivered. To see the rest just login.

Do you have any questions please let us know at +46 8-509 126 10 or!


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