New powerful search tools for Distribution Lists

We just added more functionality to your distribution lists.TTdekor

We have been busy improving the organisation of members and search patterns within the distribution lists and have now launched some of the new features.

Is a feature we adopted to assist in the organization of many members into groups that adds additional depth in your search. You create and delete your own labels when you access the menu.label

Advanced Search
It is now easier to use a advanced search pattern to search for members, particularly useful if you have many members with the same name.

In addition you can now search on; parts of/or whole name of member, friendly name, the new label function or properties (the last is based on name/value that can be added when uploading a excel file).

I have taken the liberty not to show you every feature the search tools offer, somethings are worth while discovering for yourself.

But two extracts based on the new criteria I must show you..
– I just want to see the techs in the Distribution list, check the Tech box in the search options window and click Search..

– And if you like to refine your search based on Property:City it could look like this..

That was some of the possibilities the new improved search tools can assist you with in your management of the Distribution Lists.

For more information about our services make sure you stop by at or give us a call at +46 8-509 126 10.


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