Send SMS and Email from the Web interface

All our users have access to this easy and flexible functionality for sending messages from the Web interface, but not everyone has discovered it yet. So here is a short presentation!

Our goal is to make the interface both easy to use and have many functions, such as sending Link-SMS and formatted Emails. If you still think it´s confusing, remember that our support is open around the clock, every day of the year to help you with stuff like this!

With the Send function in the Web Toolbox you can:

  • attach files to your messages (pictures, PDFs, contacts…)
  • design nice sendouts for both Email and the Link-SMS web view
  • make a separate SMS part for your Link-SMS


Also, you can always:

  • send to groups with unlimitied number of recipients
  • schedule your messages to be sent another time
  • set validity time on SMS, if it´s important that they arrive within a certain time frame
  • save drafts and templates for later
  • view a presentation of your sent messages for easier follow up of delivery, replies and clicks.

Log in and try it!
Read more about Sending from the Web on our Wiki pages or contact us for personal assistance on +46 8 509 126 00 or

I hope you also finally have some sun and summer now!



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