Improve the content of your messages

all message typesAll employees at TellusTalk work daily with the technology for sending all kinds
of messages, SMS, Link-SMS,
email, Voice-SMS and fax.

In recent times we have received questions about how to formulate the content. Therefore I have collected some tips and pointers.

1. Purpose, effect and audience
To create the right content the first step is to figure out the purpose of your message.  What do you want to say and how do you want the recipient to act?
You also need to know your recipients, this is necessary to decide if all of them are going to receive the right message of if it is better to divide the group and adapt the content in each mailing.

2. Solve the recipients problem
You are sending a message for a purpose. Most recipients have a limited time reading it, they are busy with their own problems. A great way for your message to be read is to find solutions solving the recipients problems.

3. Make the message easy to read
The reader is perhaps not as interested in the wording as you are. They will probably glance trough the message. Therefore, write the most important information first, use informative and enticing headlines and make the text easy to understand when browsing.

/ Hannele

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