Improved security in IT systems with one time password by SMS

The recent scares about inadequate security in systems that control critical societal functions has led to increased demand for secure way to login. Improved security in systems connected to the Internet through two-factor authentication at login is a great way to protect themselves without complicating the login.

Static passwords are not recommended. The most common risks are that the same password is used in several places, that the password is too simple or that the password is so difficult that it is written down on a piece of paper stored on your desk, in your purse or pocket.

A better solution is two-factor authentication. The advantage is that in addition to the password the user must also use another function to login. Common solutions that most companies and government agencies use the e-ID and one-time password. In recent years, various applications replacing the security token developed.

One of the easiest ways to deal with two-factor authentication is that the one-time password will be sent as SMS to your mobile.SMS_text

The code is randomly generated and the only thing needed is a mobile phone with GSM connectivity. It allows the system works basically everywhere. When the password is sent to the mobile phone is only valid for a few minutes, it is a good way to protect themselves from malicious code copies the keys from your mobile phone for use on another occasion.

– Our customers choose to use an SMS service to send one-time password because it is easy and safe. Those who use one-time passwords do not need to provide hardware to login. Therefore, it fits both employees, partners and suppliers who all have different phones and conditions, says Peder Holst on Tellus Talk.

To implement two-factor authentication in an existing system, you would complement the existing logon functionality to generate one-time passwords with limited validity. The system also needs to be adapted to validate one-time password. Do not forget to expand login with a function to handle one-time password. It is also possible to purchase a complete system for two-factor authentication.

There are several software services and SMS providers in the market.

Some tips when choosing the SMS service:

– Select a vendor that sells quality SMS.
– If the service is used around the clock supplier should offer 24/7 support.
– Find out if the provider can send SMS to all countries where the service is used.
– Use the Flash SMS to the recipient should not have to delete the amounts of text messages

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Have a nice weekend!
(this post was originally written by Hannele in Swedish)

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