Work Hack – initiate a text message to many, with a text!

We recently got a question if our SMS service can be initiated by a text message. And I could with a smile say yes to that. This was apparantly not something that is easy to come by.

So this is our story..

The basic function that is used are our Distribution Lists and also an incoming  mobile number that is connected to the list.
Now the mobile number or numbers that should be able to initiate a message is added as Authors and all the recipients are added as Members to the list.

Now I like to add that of course there is nothing that limits the members to be strictly mobile numbers, you can add email addresses, fixed line phone numbers that will get the message read to them or even add an fax.

When all the settings are done all you have to do is to send a text message to the number that is connected to the list and the message will be sent to all the members.
You can still choose to initiate the message through any of our other channels such as our webb interface, our api or through email but then again in this case texting was the thing!

If you have any questions regarding our services please call +46 8-509 126 10 or go to

/Richard 🙂

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