Successful SMS-campaign at the optician store

My parents own a small optician store since what feels like forever. They have always sent out letters by post as reminders to the customers when it is time to check their eyes or to order new lenses. The response has declined, it´s kinda oldfashioned with letters, and besides, they have a tendency to disappear among all the bills and other stuff you really should take care of. You know how it is…

So, now I finally convinced them that SMS is the new deal, or Link-SMS rather. We decided not to just send a reminder, we put a little offer in there too.
We composed a short text message with all the vital information, for those who didn´t want to follow the link. And then in the web view we put a little more text about why it is important to check your eyes on a regular basis, more info about the offer and also a cute Easter picture as it was sent out shortly before Easter.

Then, I was smart and put the store landline number as the originator in the SMS, so the recipients could just click “Call back” and make an appointment.

This is how cute is was, in the mobile and in the web view!
(sorry for the language, but we sent this in sweden, the content isn´t really the point anyways)



We sent this out to 400 people and 10% clicked on the link and read the entire message in the web view. In the web view someone replied by clicking the Reply link in the top, this message was automatically sent to the store email and could be replied there. Another viewer unsubscribed from future messages by clicking the Unsubscribe link in the top. These smart links are all automatically added and handled.
Within a minute (!) after the messages were sent, the phone started ringing. In just a few days we had bookings from 5% of the recipients!

This was a really successful campaign!
My old folks was deeply impressed, both with how quickly you could reach your customers, the quick response but also about the price ofcourse.
It´s a big difference between the cost of one SMS as opposed to the cost in print, paper, envelope and postage fee.

Are you itchin´  to try this?
Contact us and we´ll help you!
+46 8 509 126 00 or

Read more about Link-SMS on our homepage!

At the keys, in the spring sun

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