The advantages of using a third party email service


This blog often get inspiration from the previous weeks work. At the office, customer requests often have the same theme. One month most of the contacts want to receive more information about our SMS services and the next few weeks they want to know more about our e-mail services.

This is often reflected in the published blog posts. Therefore, this week’s blog post is all about our email services. Last week, my colleague Jessica wrote about personalized email sendings.

Lately, customers has contacted us and asked for help to make big email sendings. This is because many email systems have a limitation of sending max 500 or 1000 emails in the same time. This is a way for companies providing email services to minimize  the risks of being classified as spam.

When sending emails  using TellusTalk, our customer’s domains do not risk to be classified as spam. We have received questions about how we manage to avoid this problem.

Our solution is to use the framework from one of the largest suppliers of email services. The supplier has a solution for avoiding this types of problems. We have adapted the framework to provide our customers with an outstanding email service.

When our customers send emails, the sender is a unique email address per message. The benefits are numerous, above all it is a help for the customer to keep any responses separated.

easter emailThis is an example of the sender address.

Others are interested in the many extra features available when sending emails using TellusTalk.

If the recipient replies to an email with any of the words often used to terminate subscriptions, for example, unsubscribe, TellusTalk automatically blocks the email address from more mailings. Many of our customers use our services for newsletter mailings because of this.

Customers who like the unsubscribe feature often appreciate our handling of “out of office” notices and other inbox assistant messages as well.  Automatic replies are not delivered to the sender, instead they are available from your online log.

If you are a fan of statistics, you will like our transaction logs and our job statistics. These tools makes it easy to see the result of you mailings.

One of the features with a unique sender per email sent is not yet requested by our customers. At the office we love it, the possibility to change the email address answers are being delivered to. If you send an email using a distribution list, you can send the email and as often as necessary you can log on to the toolbox and change email address that the answers are being sent to. Perfect if you want to take some time off over easter.

It’s a week to easter, as usual you can contact us 24/7 all year!

/ Hannele
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