Personalized messages to SMS, Landlines, Link-SMS, Email and Fax!

Yeah, it sounds a bit dry… But it´s one of those neat features that makes it possible to put, for example, the recipients first name in each message, even though you send the same message to a lot of people. It gives it a more personal touch. And it works to both SMS, Link-SMS, Text to Phone Call, Email and Fax ofcourse.

Studies have shown that it is very appreciated and effective to personalize your messages. It is also useful if you want to send unique coupon codes to your customers or if you wish to add the time the customer is booked when sending out booking reminders. Or.. well, the list could go on and on.

And to see how simple it is, there are no more excuses not to!

Upload your recipients together with the personal information you want to add in your message. It could look like this, do it manually or upload an Excel-file.


Compose a nice message, like this for example. With brackets {} you tag where in the message the personal information goes.


At the recipients side, it ends up like this!



The Voice Call you´ll have to imagine yourselves, I´m still not able to upload audio files here 😉

Since our technicians apparently is not doing anything besides producing new services, we haven´t had the time to put this on our website yet. But it´s coming, in a few days you can read all about it here

If you want some more technical details, you can always visit our Wiki and read more about Personalized messages.

Hope you have a nice and sunny day like I do!


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