Voice SMS – text to phone call

text_to_voice1Last week we launched a new fun service, Voice SMS!
You can call it Text to phone call too, it´s not actually an SMS.

Now and then we get calls from customers wanting to send text as speech, both to landlines and mobiles. And now it´s possible!

It´s really fun! Like I said, it´s not an actual SMS, it´s a text that is converted to speech and then sent in a phone call.
Very smart if you for example have an alarm system that would send SMS to people that are on call sleeping. The tiny little signal from an SMS you could easily sleep through, but a call will keep ringing until you pick the phone up! It could be smart to combine it with an SMS too, to make it easier to read it again later, when you´re up…
It´s also a simple way to send automatic alerts to landlines that normally cannot receive SMS.

I was gonna insert an audio file so you could hear it, but I seem not to be skilled enough for that… You´ll have to enjoy some pictures instead, and try it out yourself why don´t you!

Just send a regular SMS to someone, and before the number you add the prefix 999


Or! You can send it from the web, like this:




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