New web hosting and teaser about a new cool service…

Last week we had our website moved to a new web hosting, the transfer was incredibly smooth thanks to our website guy Patrik. Let´s hope this new place is more stabile.

Some of you might have been affected when we have had trouble with the old hosting, so sorry about that.
We only have the website there, all our services are Cloud based by now, but the link to the login is on the website and if it´s down noone can login. If they didn´t bookmark the link ofcourse.
Not to mention all customers that, entirely justified, are worried that our services are down too.

Nah, you can really skip that kind of stuff right? So keep your fingers crossed now!

And please, check out the website a bit extra now then: www.tellustalk.comwebsite

As a little teaser, I can tell you that we have a really cool little feature coming up on the website really soon. So keep your eyes open!


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