Praise – always nice at the end of the week

They say you´re supposed to stop when you´re on top, that we surely do today!

Our RESTapi, and our wounderful developers Peter and Rasmus, has truly been a success. All developers we showed it to have been excited about how simple and functional it is, recently we received such nice praise I just had to share it!

The last couple of weeks we have been working with SuperOffice on an integration with their CRM-system Ceasar, they want to be able to send both Email and SMS with us. It has been really fun, little bugs has been found and fixed and new functionality has been identified and added on demand.
Now everything is finally completed and then we received this really nice letter as a thank you:


Translation: “Also, thank you for very good cooperation. We rarely meet a third party supplier so interested and willing to cooperate and so solution oriented. So, a very big THANK YOU from all of us at SuperOffice”

This made my day!

Have a nice weekend!


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