Local incoming mobile numbers, now in 47 countries

We have now expanded the number of countries to which we can offer local incoming mobile numbers. This means that our customers can now receive incoming SMS/Text messages in more countries than ever before.

bild_47länder_landskoderThrough our incoming virtual mobile numbers you can get your messages delivered to email, api and even fax if you would like that. All numbers can be linked to multiple receivers. It can also be connected to an autoresponder so that a reply goes to the sender of a message. We offer this function in two versions a simple and dynamic. Through the dynamic Autoresponder different messages can be sent depending on the time and day of the week.

Who needs a local mobile number?
It is perfect for companies that want to have a local contact in different countries and for authorities to offer the opportunity to submit questions and comments through SMS. I have often wished that my municipality had offered me that opportunity.
Applications are of course more than the ones I mentioned above, for example, we have customers using mobile number in competitions, for Opt-in to mailing lists to join a club or to get important information regarding your work.

Do you have any questions, contact us at Tellus Talk, +46(0)8-509126 10 or send an email to sales@tellustalk.com

/ Richard – TellusTalk

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