A well scheduled blog post

Scheduling is of outmost importance at work, at home and when writing blog posts.

All systems needed to manage a company needs to have features making scheduling possible.  Our new exchange is well scheduled, different kinds of maintenance is scheduled and of course our blog as well as our Facebook page have the possibility to be scheduled.

I did not write this blog post today. I wrote it last Thursday and set the publishing date almost a week later. I have many reasons for doing this. The most important is that last Thursday was a calm day and I was inspired to write.

Perhaps it is just a coincidence but I have noticed many of the customers calling us are talking about scheduling. For example one of our customers called us and said she was thinking of terminate her account. The reason was she never had the time to send SMS when her clients needed the information. She really liked our scheduling feature when I showed it to her and decided to continue to use the service.

I love scheduling / Hannele

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