New switchboard – finally!

After years of searching we´ve finally found a nice and functional switchboard with some modern functionality and yesterday was the big installation day!
In the middle of the day it was scheduled, ofcourse. We sat there, holding our breath, but totally unexpected it turned out great without any complications!

I think we´ve had the old one for at least 10 years or so, it´s web based and virtual. I´m sure it was top-of-the-line when it was new. You could easily log in on a website and change connections, back then we weren´t too many so it was easy enough.
That there was no caller id was not a big problem and also not the fact that a second caller would end up in your voicemail if you were already on the phone with someone. It was so rare.

Now I think we´ve trippled both in staff and customers and the phones can be in full swing all day. Then the old switchboard quickly went old… Also the fact you had to log in on a website when there are apps for everything else in your phone…
If a customer calls and need my help managing their Distribution lists in the web toolbox and have all kinds of questions about the settings, I want to be able to take the time and explain it all to them. I don´t want to have to end the call to answer the next caller. Because it seemes a natural law: it can be silent all morning, but when the first call comes, there is immediately three more in line…

This new switchboard handles all that and more! If I´m on the phone, the call is neatly transferred to a colleague and there´s a simple app in my phone to handle all connections. I love it!

Now I hope it will keep up the good work and that this will make it possible for us to achieve our goal to take all calls directly!

I wish you well on this snowy wednesday!


/Jessica Pietsch, TellusTalk

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