Study shows that enterprises should use more SMS for customer relations

According to a study conducted this fall it has been noted that consumers to a large extent (81%) prefer text messages instead of mobile apps for communication with different brands. SMS messages are seen as easy and convenient, all gathered in the same place easily accessible on your phone. SMS messages does not drown in the flow of information the same way that emails tend to.


This means that it is very effective to let the text be an integral part of the company’s multi-channel strategy to attract and retain customers. Using TellusTalk’s Link-SMS it is easy to combine the simplicity of a text message with the flexible functionality of a Web page. You can also easily connect most business applications you are using today with smooth SMS functionality.

Please let me know if you want to test, we’ll help you find the strategy that suits you the best! Phone: +468509126 00 Email: Web:

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The survey was conducted by SAP (large provider of business systems) with 2700 participants from 12 different countries. Click here to read the survey.

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