Website trouble – service as usual

Right now there are some issues on our website, our services are working as usual of course.

If you have problems accessing our website, you can always use this direct link to access the Toolbox

Our website is not hosted on the same platform as our services, so even if the website should be unavailable our services are always online!

Have a nice weekend!


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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

2017 is coming to an end, and I was thinking about what has passed.

At the end of January we got a new colleague! Her name is Siri and its great to have some new blood and some new ideas to the team!

In February Swish launched Swish for Ecommerce again. A service that makes it possible for companies to add Swish as a payment option in their webshop. It was first launched in January 2016 but it was such a success it broke down.
Swish is one of the payment alternatives in our service Payment Request, where you can send request for payment using both SMS and email, besides from having it integrated in your webshop.

In February we also published animated movies presenting some of our services, it was good fun producing them together with the great people at the production company Adme. Please do check them out if you didn´t before:
Electronic Signing
Secure Messages
Payment Request

In May we moved to another platform to ensure that all services now resides within the EU. Feels good to have it finished as this has been requested by customers recently.

During the summer and autumn we have been making some changes to ensure our services complies to the GDPR and the requirements this puts on us and our customers a it takes effect in the new year.

In November we released our most recent service:
It´s a free of charge service for private use and for companies with simple needs for digital signing and secure messages. It´s a light version of our more complete services Electronic Signing and Secure Messages and for now it´s only available for Swedish BankID. If you have it, why don´t you visit and try it out!

Finally, in December we also moved the office! From Stockholm Central where we have been sitting for 18(!) years we moved to Kungsgatan 37. Nice to have new rooms and a new view at the same time as still being located in the central parts of Stockholm. Come up for a coffee if you are ever nearby!


All of us at TellusTalk

Peter, Peder, Per, Rasmus, Jessica, Richard and Siri

wishes you all

a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Julkort Unic Art
The beautiful christmas card created by Unic Art

Like always, we are on site and the support is available every day round the clock! So don´t hesitate to get in touch at or +46 8-509 126 00

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Free identification and e-sign using BankID!

Hello again!

This week we launched our new free of charge service for companies and individuals, it only works in Sweden though and use Swedish BankID as sign service.

We have already been noticed in Dagens Handel and PC för Alla (in Swedish).

If you have BankID, and would like to try go here!

Hope you’ll have a nice weekend and try out our service.

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Direct link to the Toolbox

If there is some problems accessing our website, you can always use this direct link to access the Toolbox

Our website is not hosted on the same platform as our services, so even if the website should be unavailable our services are always online!

Have a nice weekend!


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E-marketing – simple opt out and happy recipients

There can be many reasons you would want to ensure that recipients can easily opt out from future send outs. And sometimes to opt back in.
Of course, we have a simple solution for this!cropped-tt_globe_transparent.png

When you send ads and offers, local rules and regulations for marketing will apply. This normally includes that you must have some existing relationship with the recipient, or they must have explicitly have approved that you can send them this kind of content using email or SMS. There must also be a simple way of unsubscribing.

At the office it could be on call technicians that should be able to opt in and out of a group that is notified with alerts. Or temps that don´t want to get job offers when they are on vacation.

This will work easily if you use Distribution Lists when you send your messages.
The recipients are saved as members in your list, and if they opt out, they will automatically change status to “unsubscribed”, so that you can easily tell them apart.

When you send Email with your Distribution List, we will automatically add a header where the recipient can click “Unsubscribe”. There is also the option to “Subscribe” if they were to change their minds later.

When you send SMS with your Distribution List, the setting is made so that the recipient can reply to your message with the word STOP, and they will automatically be unsubscribed from your list.

If you send your message as Link-SMS instead of a normal SMS, the functionality for opt out is located in the header of the link destination. Of course, it will also work if the recipient replies STOP.

To use alphanumeric sender on SMS for commercial messages is not recommended as it makes it more difficult to unsubscribe, and that can cause irritation. And noone wants irritated customers, right?

Read more about opt out and Distribution Lists

You can always call us at +46850912600 or send an email to if you want to talk more about how we can help you with your e-marketing!

Best wishes


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E-legitimations must be protected by law

One of the Swedish agencies that attended the day was Premiepensionsmyndigheten and they shared their experiences over the years with login abuse and pointed out the importance that e-legitimations must have a high degree of legal protection.
Non of the issues they had with the different logins was of a technical character with the security measures in themselves.
However, right from the start in 2000, when the agents helped citizens make fund changes, the agents started to use the citizens’ login information. At this time it was a pin-code solution.
– Premiepensionmyndigheten chose to remove this interface after several attempts of discussions with the agents and informing the citizens that this practice of ‘lending’ the pin codes was not allowed.
Switch back to the here and now. The problems with agents using their customers (citizens) login credentials have not ended with the use of stronger electronic legitimation technologies such as BankID.
Again the customers “lent” their credentials to the agents so that changes could be made on their accounts.
– The technical solution to circumvent this abuse was to up the security so that the demands for a fund change could be raised. Now a signature is required before a change can be made and a warning is sent if more than one instance of a BankID login is active on their page at the same time.
Further actions have been filing complaints to the Police to stave the abuse issues. And more debates and dialogues with the agents as well as information to the citizens.
In itself, BankID as a technical solution has not been an issue i.e. the technology has not been broken or hacked and is also considered to have a high degree of trustworthiness.
So of course there are security issues with all electronic solutions, but like in the case with Premiepensionsmyndigheten it was never an issue with the technical solution but how it was used by agents and citizens.


If you would like to know more about our solution for Electronic Signatures you can read more here, or contact us at or +46-8-509 126 00.

Have a nice weekend!

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Where would you like to be in 5 years?

This month, the interest for electronic signing has gotten a real boost. The majority of all new acquaintances we have made since the beginning of June have had a great number of curious questions regarding the services, many have also started testing how the digital world of paperwork works through us.

Will we even be able to call it that in 5 years, one might wonder? Maybe the digitalization has come so far that paper agreements are nothing but a memory?

Consider the amount of time and energy we would save ourselves. Consider also what a positive effect it would have on our environment. There are actually no drawbacks when it comes to electronic signing – so, are you ready to step into the digitalized world of tomorrow?

(PS. If you are, please call our self-appointed welcoming committee on +46 (0) 8-509 126 00 or email

Best regards,

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