Extended login is now available

We have just released two-factor authentication (2FA) to further increase security during login to our web interfaces.

This means that you or your company can choose to increase the login security on your account.

Besides your ordinary user credentials there is an additional one-time password delivered to you by SMS or email.

Please give us a call or send us an email if you want to know more!


+46 8-509 126 00

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New URL for our services


Time for another new feature and that is a change of the URL for our services. It have already been changed but the previous URL’s are still supported. So no worries!

That said, we strongly encourage everyone to make the change to the new URL as seen below.

https://api.tellustalk.com/ vår nya URL för anrop

A few examples
If you use short cuts to our webb-interfaces the URL’s now looks like this;
Toolbox: https://api.tellustalk.com/toolbox/
Send SMS via RESThttps://api.tellustalk.com/send/v1

The URL have naturally been changed for our API’s as well, read more here.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us at support@tellustalk.com or
+46 (0)8-509 126 00.


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Electronic signature and BankID-protected messages made simpler!

Hi everyone!

We have made the addressing easier when you send your signature and login requests through mail and SMS. And please remember that these services are only available in Sweden.

Electronic signature – add .sign


Send as SMS

From your email send to mobilnumber@sign.esms.nu, for example 0707409516@sign.esms.nu. Using our webbinterface you type mobilenumber.sign i.e. 0707409516.sign

The recipient will get an SMS with a link through which they can sign.

Send as Email

From your email send to emailaddress.sign.esms.nu, for example sales@tellustalk.com.sign.esms.nu. Using our webbinterface you type emailadress.sign i.e. 0707409516.login

The recipient will get an Email with a link through which they can sign.

BankID-protected messages – add .login

Send as SMSbook-chain-computer-39584

From your email send to mobilenumber.login.esms.nu, for example 0707409516.login.esms.nu. Using our webbinterface you type mobilenumber.login i.e.0707409516.login.login

The recipient will get an SMS with a link through which they can login.

Send as Email

From your email send to emailaddress.login.esms.nu, for example sales@tellustalk.com.login.esms.nu. Using our webbinterface you type emailadress.login i.e. sales@tellustalk.com.login

The recipient will get an Email with a link through which they can login.

And finally also our email service have benefited from this change

From your email you send to emailaddress.esms.nu i.e. sales@tellustalk.com.esms.nu



The older addressing formats will be supported, but we recommend switching to the new as soon as possible.

If you have any questions please give us a call at +46 8-509 126 00 or send us an email to sales@tellustalk.com

More information can be found at www.tellustalk.com


Have a nice weekend!

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New TellusTalkers!

As some of you may know, we have been doing some recruiting this summer and we had lost of really great applications, thank you! It wasn´t easy to choose, but:

We are now welcoming Bettina and Jacqueline to our little gang!

They´ll be starting in November, as their current employers couldn´t just give up girls like this right away, but as soon as they are here they will introduce themselves here on the blog.

We will now be four people answering the phone and the email! We will also be doing lots of other stuff like developing the services, doing some marketing, tidy up the webpages, going to fairs and events. So stay tuned!

Next week there is another big surprice, that some has already started with. So keep a look out for the next post!

I hope you have a really nice weekend, I know I will!


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Did you check out the Toolbox lately?


You didn´t forget that we have a 20 years anniversary this year? Two decades. Thats a long time, and that´s why we decided to give you a well over due gift – did you visit the Toolbox lately?

We have been listening to your feedback and made some changes on the interface. Our goal is to make it really easy to use and also aesthetically appealing, and we need your help.

If you have an idea, large or small, how we could make the Toolbox better please send us an email at sales@tellustalk.com!

With that said these improvements will take some time, but as they say, Rome was not built in one day and they who wait for something good…yeah, I think you get it.

From everyone here at TellusTalk,
Have a wonderful week and coming weekend!

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10 years anniversary!

It´s almost unbelievable, but this past weekend I had my 10 years anniversary at TellusTalk!

10 years ago, we moved from the northern part of Sweden to Stockholm, and I have no regrets.
TellusTalk has become more than a job, it´s almost family to me now. That my husband started working here too after a couple of years also contributes.. 🙂 But also all the great colleagues I have had the honor to know, not to mention all of our great customers ❤

I have learnt so much these past years, about people, sales, marketing, economics and how to manage a successful business. Meeting customers from all kinds of businesses I have had the opportunity to have a peek behind the scenes and learn about things I never heard about before.

I am so grateful for these past 10 years and I´m looking forward to atleast 10 more!

As TellusTalk itself also have a 20 years anniversary this year makes it extra fun. I am a bit crazy about cakes, so I have requested one cake each week this entire year 🙂 It might be a good thing that I don´t always get what I want, but there have been quite a few cakes so far and I´m expecting a few more coming our way before the year is ended.


I wish you all a great summer, and please don´t be put out with me, but I also wish for some rain here in Sweden to make sure I have food for my horse this coming winter 🙂


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TellusTalk attending Vitalis 2018


This year You can meet us at Stand B07:13 where we will be glad to see you drop by. As alway we like to welcome our new and long time clients as well as anybody else who would like to meet us!
Vitalis logo

Just like last year you will meet me (Richard, Siri and Per.

Well met and have a nice weekend!
TellusTalk 20 year logo


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